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The SleepDoc Porti Series

  • Functional
  • Economical
  • Easy to use
With the SleepDoc Porti sleep diagnostics gets
effcient and unmatched simple.
See for yourself!.
Consistent development of the well-proven SleepDoc
Porti 6. The SleepDoc Porti 7 (10 - 24 channels) is
particularly suitable for outpatient use in the
identification of sleep-related breathing disorders
and the additional CPAP/BiPAP checks
(sleep diagnostics).
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Efficient sleep diagnostic system:
From simple, ambulatory screening device to
complete, full polysomnografic device for
ambulatory and inpatient measurements
with wireless transmission up to 40 channels...
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Small, ambulatory pulse oximeter for long time measurements.
Outstanding analysis software.
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Sleep diagnostics in smallest format:
4 - 7 channels - simple and uncomplicated.
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A small and mobile screening system for recording and automatic evaluation of sleep stages and sleep quality using a 3-point frontal electrode and neuronal networks.
Including raw data display (EEG) and manual editing facility.
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