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SleepDoc Porti 9

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The consistent development of the well-proven SleepDoc Porti 7 for identification of sleep-related breathing disorders.

The SleepDoc Porti 9 is in ambulatory and clinical use for differentiated diagnostics of the sleep apnoea syndrome (Polygraphy).

With its 12 channels, it covers all the requirements of modern sleep screening and CPAP controls.

The small ergonomic unit can be directly fastened on a patient's thorax. Integrated in the unit and thus well protected are all pressure transformers and amplifiers, snore microphone and position sensor. With the standard measurement, the patient simply puts on the belt, adjusts the finger sensor and flow prong and the screening can begin.

Since signal recording is by means of simple, extremely long-lived and inexpensive sensors, SleepDoc Porti diagnosis systems are very simple to use and unprecedentedly economical for doctor and clinic.