SleepDoc Porti - Analysis and diagnosis made easy!

The basic system Porti 9 with 12 measuring channels already offers the possibility of differentiated diagnostics of the various apnoe forms as obstructiv, central, mixed or Cheyne-Stokes.
The evaluation software permits an almost boundless flexibility. From automatic artefact recognition to manual classification everything is possible.

All channels are
freely adjustable. The evaluation criteria are preset after the DSGM standard, but variable. One Click leads back to standard adjustment.

The context-referred assistance supports you on all work procedures.

Clear presentation of measuring curves and results already on the screen
Flexible parameter control for the user
Fully automatic evaluation, diagnosis and report generation
Manual editing of data / summary reports
Quick and easy report generator
Built-in findings routine with standard text, array functions, template functions...
Free adjustable report / doctors letter with misc. export functions
Online recording of all channels on the screen
Integration into doctor's office computer systems (GDT-interface)
Integration into a Network (e.g. Windows 10)
Option for data to be sent via email
HL7 interface (option)
Continuous software maintenance and advancement
Free updates of the analysis software
Clear diagrams inform about the nocturnal process of the measurement as well as the frequency and duration of the events.