SleepDoc Porti - Screening economical and simple!

Die Signals are obtained via simple and inexpensive sensors specially developed for ambulatory sleep diagnostics and for years already well proven in clinical applications.
Handling Modules / Channels Software
CPAP / BIPAP Sleeping stage classification Follow-up costs

Due to the little effort requirements for introduction and evaluation,
cost effective sensors (
low follow-up costs) and the integration of
many functions in the instrument the
diagnostic costs are extremely reduced!

Expensive effort sensors and thermistors, snore and position sensors are no longer necessary!
Dr. Fenyves and Gut already developed 1991 a method, as by means
differential pressure measurement the nasale and oral flow as
well as the snoring could be determined.
Thus the SleepDoc Porti was the first sleeping monitor using an inexpensive flow prong instead of expensive thermistor and microphone.
Also the SleepDoc Porti is the only screening device using mechanical effort sensors (Thorax and Abdomen effort) instead of electrical sensors. In addition to the improved signal quality the result is an easier handling and significant less follow-up costs.
Dr. Fenyves und Gut - developer of
flow measurement via flow prong.
Sturdily made, self adapting
long-term finger sensor
Special, inexpensive sensors. Many sensors integrated in the device.